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If your debtor’s Ledger is carrying 2, 3 or more times your average monthly sales then you need strategies to:

  • reduce the customer debt
  • reduce the risk of unpaid customer invoices
  • reduce the risk of writing off a sale
  • reduce the time spent in collection activities
  • reduce your stress levels
  • increase cash receipt recovery

Why is it important to effectively deal with complaints?

  • Firstly to maintain a good business relationship with the customer so they will continue to deal with your business.
  • Secondly if a customer is dissatisfied with the product or service, they will not pay.

Responding to Customer Complaints Course

The Biz Skills Responding to Customer Complaints Course is about the communication skills for the first response to a customer’s complaint.  The goal is to maintain the customer business relationship throughout the complaint process.

Loyal customers can be promoters of your business.


  • Debtor's Ledger Management
  • Effective Debt Collection Strategies
  • Responding to Customer Complaints
  • Policies and Procedures


  • Procedure Writing
  • Personal Training
  • System Facilitation


"Don't Let Your Customers Run Your Business" written by Zanette Phillips and available on Amazon

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